CAMPBELL WORKS: 52 in 52 Business Visitation Program

Campbell County's Campbell Works Business Visitation Program is designed to:

  • hear and share your ideas and needs;
  • capture your unique stories; and
  • feature your successes to a wider, more global community.

We value your role in our locality, and the impact your business has on our County's growth. We look forward to connecting with you, hearing your story, and serving you at a new level. 

52 Conversations in 52 Weeks


with us.


your story.


your successes.

To view the 52 In 52 video, please click here.
To schedule a visit with our Business Visitation Team, please call (434) 592-9595 or those interested may request a visit by submitting a request through our electronic submission form.
52 in 52 Marketing