The 501 Coalition


The 501 Coalition is a truly regional group, comprised of representatives from cities, counties, and private industries served by 501. These diverse stakeholders have joined together with one common goal: to make 501 safer.

Much of this aging roadway is sorely unfit to handle the volume of traffic that has emerged in recent years. Along many parts of its hilly, serpentine path, visibility is poor and accidents are all too common.

But through the unified voice of the Coalition, neighboring localities are advocating improvements to 501 that will make travel safer and more convenient for millions of residents and visitors as well as for business and industry.


Soon after its formation in 1995, the Coalition's members developed a list of 10 areas along 501 most in need of improvement. The Coalition recently re-evaluated and updated the 1995 list and voted on a new list of priority areas. There are now 18 areas along 501 in need of improvement that are considered top priorities to the 501 Coalition. The group works with legislators and state agencies to encourage the completion of these projects.

The fact that these prioritized projects do not favor one locality over another, plus the fact that the group's members come from multiple Department of Transportation districts, makes the Coalition an effective model of regional cooperation. (Our regional consensus not only stretches from Interstate 81 at Lexington to the North Carolina border, but crosses the border extending to the Research Triangle.)

Ultimately, the Coalition promotes expanding 501 to four lanes along its entire length, creating a robust route capable of safely supporting the increased traffic generated by the region's current and future growth.

The U.S. 501 Regional Coalition is truly a regional undertaking, seeking to ensure safe and convenient travel for the more than one million citizens served by this major route. The Coalition stands ready to work with you to "keep Virginia moving" safely and efficiently.


Bedford County

Town of Brookneal

Campbell County

Halifax County

City of Lynchburg

Town of South Boston


Austin, Donald VDOT - Appomattox/ Campbell 434-352-7135

Martin, Kenneth VDOT - Halifax, Residency Administrator 434-433-3141

Byron, Kathy J. VA House of Delegates 434-582-1592

Campbell, Phyllis Brookneal - Mayor 434-376-3124

Christie, Gary Region 2000 Local Government Council 434-845-3491

Thurston, Russell Brookneal Town Manager 434-376-3124

Owens, Edward Town of South Boston 434-575-4200

Davidson, Mike Campbell County Economic Development 434-592-9595

Davis, J.T. Halifax County Board of Supervisors 434-376-5480

Newman, Stephen D. VA State Senate 434-385-1065

Fariss, Matthew C. VA House of Delegates 434-821-5929

Halasz, James M. Halifax County Administrator 434-476-3300

Boggess, Carl Bedford County Administrator 540-586-7601

Ruff, Jr., Frank M. VA State Senate 434-374-5129

Harvey, Paul Campbell County Community Development 434-592-9592

Edmunds, II, James E. VA House of Delegates 434-476-0077

Kennedy, Christine Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance 434-845-5968

Kessler, Jeffrey VDOT - Salem & Lynchburg 434-856-8293

Rogers, Frank Campbell County Administrator 434-592-9525

Lovelace, Ron Bedford County 540-587-8870

Martin, Susan Bedford Chamber of Commerce 540-586-9401

Blido, Traci Bedford County Economic Development 540-587-5670

Newman, Stephen D. VA State Senate 434-386-1065

Payne, L. Kimball City of Lynchburg 434-455-3990

Puckett, J.D. Campbell County Board of Supervisors 434-376-5780

Daniels, Todd VDOT 540-586-7910

Kaine, Tim US Senate 202-224-2023

Webb, Jim US Senate 202-224-4024

White, Bob Region 2000 Local Government Council 434-845-5678

Valentine, Shannon Commonwealth Trans. Board 434-941-8974