Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

Campbell County is pleased to announce that the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 2017 Update was completed and approved by the Board of Supervisors at the March 6, 2018 Meeting. The CEDS 2017 Update is available for viewing below.  Please contact us regarding any questions you might have about the CEDS Update.

CEDS by Definition

A CEDS is developed from a continuous planning process developed with broad-based and diverse community participation that addresses the economic problems and potential of a specific area. The strategy should promote sustainable economic development and opportunity, foster effective transportation systems, enhance and protect the environment and balance resources through sound management of development. The CEDS process should also help create jobs, develop a more stable and diversified economy and improve our quality of life. The CEDS provides a way for individuals, local government and private industry to coordinate economic development efforts.

For more information on the CEDS process, please visit the EDA's Website.

Why Does Campbell County Need a CEDS?

The CEDS helps to guide the economic development of an area providing us with an analysis of current problems and possible solutions to those problems. A CEDS is also required as a qualification for EDA assistance under its public works, economic adjustment and planning grant programs.

CEDS Committee

The EDA requires that the organization developing the CEDS establish and maintain a committee of various community, government and industry representatives to oversee the CEDS process. The CEDS Committee is the principal facilitator for the economic development planning and implementation process (CEDS Committee List). The CEDS Committee will examine the current economy, explore new ideas and prioritize eligible economic development projects for potential funding.

CEDS Meeting Minutes

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CEDS Details